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Mission Statement

We are the hub of ALL lacrosse in our Chapter - our "Chapter" covers zip codes 15000-16999.  If your community is between those zip codes, you are part of our Chapter.  We are a not a club or team, and we are a non-profit organization. We are here to create lax awareness and to let everyone in our Chapter that loves the sport know what opportunities are available at all levels. We promote all events organized by Chapter members and events/opps as offered by US Lacrosse as well as our own events.

Our mission is to promote the development of lacrosse in this area by maximizing our resources and ensuring opportunities are continuously made available to coaches, players, officials and fans. We strive to provide programs and services that inspire participation while protecting and honoring the integrity of the game. We envision a future that offers all lax enthusiasts in our area the opportunity to discover, learn, participate in, enjoy and ultimately embrace the shared passion of the lacrosse experience!

PLF Executive Board 2014-2015

Rachel Hoza / President
Becky Luzier / Vice President
Adriane LaRussa / Treasurer
Angela Kryl / Secretary
Morgan Campbell / Girls' Chair
Chris Ortmann / Boys' Chair
Gerald Morrow / Officials' Co-Chair
Walter Adamczyk / Officials' Co-Chair
Jennifer Giotto / Community Events & Parent

Edward Klein / Community Events

Read more about our board members in About Us.


by PLF posted 05/20/2014